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Dongyang Youmai Magnetic Industry Co., Ltd., located in Dongyang, Zhejiang Province, has grown into a service-oriented technology enterprise focusing on the R&D, production and sales of rare earth neodymium iron boron magnets through continuous efforts and pioneering in the fierce market competition.

The main production of " permanent " brand high performance sintered NdFeB, SmCo rare earth permanent magnet and products, has been able to mass production of N35-N52, N48H, N42SH, N40UH, N38EH sintered NdFeB, SmCo magnetic products more than 6000 tons, widely used in automotive, electronic and electrical appliances, instruments and meters, sensors, automation device, DC motor, permanent magnet generator, mechanical equipment and other fields. Product quality and stability, access to customers.

In recent years, in order to maximize meet customer needs, as far as possible to provide services to customers, the sales offices in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Tianjin, Guangdong and other places.

We strictly follow the " equality, mutual benefit, win-win" market principles, we are a positive, the courage to forge ahead of the team, we have been carrying out and implementation of ISO9001, ISO14001 and TS16949 management system.

The spirit of enterprise -- " to the quality of survival, to manage and promote efficiency, technical extension of the market, to win credibility ".
Enterprise purpose -- to technological innovation as the fundamental, the scientific management for the pilot, improve the quality as the center, the customer requirements for the purpose, constantly bring forth the new through the old, put one's heart and soul into for the majority of users " in the world of magnetism " bring professional services.

Select Ultra Electronics is to choose a pragmatic, truth-seeking, innovation, cooperation team for you to make all-out efforts service. We are willing to work with you " in the world of magnetism " hand in hand, create brilliant.


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Address:No. 55, Xianghe Road, electronic industrial park, Hengdian Town, Dongyang City, Zhejiang province